30 Minutes After Being Busted

30 Minutes After Being Busted


From the author of 30 Minutes of Laughter and a Few Minutes of Fear comes an inside look at Leonard Bilski's time in prison. Following his astonishing experiences, he tells tales of surviving the Big House, including the do's and don'ts about handling an arrest.. The book also has some helpful prison tips and insights about being arrested and prison, plus what can lead up to an arrest and how to potentially prevent it. Lenny imbues his fun personality into the book and recreates what it was like for him being arrested and spending time in prison.

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Some funny prison books are just better than the rest, and that's the case with 30 Minutes After Being Busted. You will be enlightened by his life story and get a first-hand account of what it is like to be in prison. Lenny puts more than just laughs into this book, too. He also makes it serious and uplifting and shines a positive light on what is otherwise a dark situation. It is a book about life in prison that can help others who seek to change their life. If you have someone in your life that could use some positive reinforcement, then 30 Minutes After Being Busted is the perfect book purchase.

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