30 Minutes of Laughter

Funny Animal Stories

Emergency Pest Control Like You've Never Heard It Before!

Stories of Wildlife Removal That Will Have You in Stitches!

Lenny Bilski, the owner of Emergency Environmental Control, shares stories of his adventures with the creatures, critters, and creepy-crawlies that make most of us cringe in 30 Minutes of Laughter. See what being a full-time animal control professional on Long Island is like!

This animal control book is a compilation of some of Lenny's funniest, creepiest and even sentimental moments on the job over the years as he helped residents of Long Island, Queens, Bronx and Westchester with their emergency pest control problems. You really need to read to believe some of the stuff that has happened to Lenny over the years!

From bat removal to rat removal, you'll read funny animal stories you'll never forget! Here are all the ways you can own 30 Minutes of Laughter yourself! And don't be afraid to contact Lenny directly. Give him a call: 631-862-2560. When you call, he can tell you firsthand some of the crazy things he's gotten himself into as an animal control professional! And of course help you out if you have a situation that needs handling.

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