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Emergency Environmental Control offers people across Suffolk County and Nassau County with the best termite control team. Our expert staff has years of experience combating termites and preventing them from further infiltrating your home. We are a licensed and insured exterminating company that provides affordable termite control for both residential and commercial clients. 24-hour service is available to those clients who are in desperate need of our services. The spring is the biggest time for termite activity and is when you will find them "swarming." However, they can still be a nuisance all year long and need to be immediately dealt with when they emerge.

Termite Control Baiting Systems

Termite baits have shown to be an effective method of termite control and can be effectively used to prevent the spread of termites when properly handled. These baits use a small number of edible materials and deploy them in a room to eliminate the termite population foraging in your home or building. These termites will them consume the bait and share it with their fellow termites, which then results in a decline of their numbers. Some baiting systems can be used to eradicate entire colonies. Our staff employs a comprehensive baiting system that aims to keep termites away from the premises throughout the season.

Termite Bait Components 

Another aspect of termite control is bait components. Bait consists of cardboard, paper, or other palatable food for termites and combines it with a lethal substance that kills the termites. This substance needs to be slow-acting, since it cannot take effect until the termite is able to reach others in its nest to spread the poison. This slow-action poison will increase the transmission of the poison and can even affect termites that did not even feed on the bait. This is an effective way to eliminate entire colonies and prevent further termite damage.

Another key component of the bait is how it tastes. The bait must have enough taste so that the termites who come near it are enticed enough to eat it over other food that is present, such as tree stumps, roots, and structural wood. If this bait acts too quickly, then there will be an accumulation of dead and sick termites around the bait station. This will most likely cause other termites to avoid the area and thus decrease the chances of eliminating the nest. 

Termite Bait Station Installation

Termite bait stations are an integral part of any termite control operation. There are two installation methods when it comes to termite bait stations:

  • above ground
  • below ground

Where it is installed is dependent on the source of the termite issue. For the underground stations, most installations utilize untreated wood. Termites cannot see or smell the bait that is underground. Instead, they wander into them as they forage for food. It can be a challenge to have the termites find the stations, but some careful planning an placement can prove highly effective. Termites forage in multiple locations, so them finding some of the bait stations and feeding on them is likely. And the more bait stations installed, the better the chances of locating and controlling the termites.

You may also install above ground baits in known areas of termite activity. Install these stations directly in the path of active termite tunnels. You can also mount them directly over termite-infested drywall and wood. Compared to underground traps, the above-ground stations typically yield more rapid results. This is due to not needing to wait for the termites to find the installation, since the path they are taking is visible and the stations can be placed right in their path. However, these stations are normally used along with below-ground stations, to ensure the most complete control methods are employed. We will analyze your situation and come up with the most effective route for termite control.

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