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Do you need bird control services or a bird removal expert for your home, supermarket or shopping center? Are pigeons plaguing your restaurant or industrial property?  Are you frustrated with bird control repellents and pigeon removal gimmicks not working at your location? Call the experts at Emergency Environmental Control to help with your bird control problem. We are a professional wildlife removal company offering humane pigeon and bird removal, trapping, and prevention.

We offer trapping with cages and netting that do not harm the birds. It is important to us to keep the birds safe in this process. But we do know how hazardous and simply inconvenient these animals can be when they infiltrate place they should not belong in. As part of our bird removal and control services, we offer 30-day contracts for 24-hour service to remove birds from your location. This sort of contract helps ensure that your bird problem will fly away!

Bird Removal Long IslandPigeon Control / Pigeon Removal

Pigeons are primarily urban birds. They roost on, in, or around buildings. They are commonly seen on ledges, beams, store signs, under awnings, etc. They carry quite a few parasites and diseases, and they leave their droppings everywhere. If you want to control a pigeon problem, the best way to do it is via deterrents. This means the installation of barriers such as needle strips (bird spikes) to keep the birds from landing.

Other methods, such as netting, can be used in certain situations. In some cases, trapping is effective. However, pigeon relocation isn't a realistic option. So if you don't want to kill birds, then the best way to take care of the problem is to prevent them from entering or roosting in the area.

Seeds and fruit form the major component of a pigeon's diet. If you are having problems with pigeons, perhaps look to see if those foods are prevalent and if so, look to monitor or move them in order to keep the birds away. The granivorous species, which is the one that typically feeds on seeds, do so by finding seeds on the ground. Maintaining a cleaner area and ridding it of possible seeds will force the pigeons to feed elsewhere.

Bird Control New YorkWoodpecker Control / Woodpecker Removal

Woodpeckers, or flickers, are best known for and recognized by their unique ability to bore into wood and other materials with their beaks. This practice produces a rapid tapping or drumming sound, making them easy to identify. Though nice in nature, these sorts of birds can wreak havoc in a work setting.

The best way to keep woodpeckers from hammering on your house is to begin damage control as soon as you hear the first tap. And you should continue these measures even after the woodpecker has left to ensure it does not return. Any holes the bird has made in your house should be immediately repaired and painted to avoid attracting more woodpeckers.

Why Woodpeckers Peck:

  • They drill to make nesting sites
  • It makes a sound that is naturally pleasant to them
  • To communicate with each other (e.g., to call for a mate)
  • To claim territory and to dominate territory
  • As a mating call
  • To look for insects, insect eggs, and larvae (in trees, not in your house)

Of the reasons mentioned, the primary ones are for mating and for drilling holes in which to raise young. As mentioned, another reason, although less common in homes and other buildings, is to hunt for insects. A flicker problem could be an indicator of carpenter bees or other insects present in the structure's siding, woodwork or walls. If this is the case, a treatment for insect pest extermination may be necessary.

Problems Associated with Woodpeckers:

  • the noise of drumming and drilling
  • holes damage property
  • droppings that stain
  • door for more animals to enter your building
  • a possible indication of insect infestation

To prevent further damage from woodpeckers, plug up their holes. This is an effective method, especially when done with a material the bird cannot penetrate. If you're having issues with the siding of your home, look to install metal sheathing or replace wood siding with a type of metal. If you're plugging up trees, you can wrap cloth, plastic, or burlap around the holes. 

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