Funny Prison Books

Learn How To Handle Your Arrest

Funny prison books can be a dime a dozen these days. But that is certainly not the case when it comes to Leonard's Bilski's 30 Minutes After Being BustedA hilarious first-hand account of what it is like to be arrested. This book also provides an inside look into prison seen through the eyes of Lenny. He tells tales of surviving prison and gives some helpful prison tips. These tips for prison include the do's and don'ts and what can lead up to an arrest. 

Funny Prison Books

A Funny Firsthand Account

30 Minutes After Being Busted is one of the funniest books about life in prison that you will ever read. But this book is more than just funny. It is also serious and uplifting as Lenny shares his time in prison. He puts his personality and sensibilities into the book, while doing his best to lighten up what is typically a dark situation.

In this funny book, Lenny takes you through his life and chronicles his childhood. He grew up living on the edge, tempted fate one time too many before the law caught up with him. His time in prison did a lot to shape his life and gave him a greater appreciation for the nuances of day-to-day work. He wants to put a smile on people's faces with this funny prison book. When it comes to funny prison books, then look no further than 30 Minutes After Being Busted!

Purchasing Options

You can buy the book on Amazon. Purchase it for a reasonable $3.99. Or if you prefer holding a book and flipping through pages, you can opt for the paperback edition for a few bucks more. If you would like to learn more about the man behind the tales, you can call 631-862-2560.

By calling, you can speak to Leonard Bilski. He is always willing to share his story and offer helpful insight on how to handle being in prison. Writing this book was a passion project for Lenny, who wanted to help people who might have to spend time in prison.