Emergency Bee Control and Removal

If you have noticed a swarm of bees or wasps in your home or commercial facility give us a call. Our trained technicians will offer fast, professional service customized for your particular situation. Whether it is a new swarm or an established bee colony or beehive, we can handle it. We'll find the nesting place and remove it quickly and effectively. Our staff is experienced in removing bees from all types of buildings—from residential bee removal to commercial bee removal, you can count on our experts to do the job quickly, safely and thoroughly.

Know Your Bees

Before you chose how to remove a colony of bees from a problem area, it is vital to identify the type of stinging insect. This sort of insect can be either a wasp, a hornet or a bee. Knowing which will help you determine exactly what needs to be done and if specialized treatment is required.

  • Bumble Bee: This bee is aggressive only when threatened. The bumblebee prefers to nest in loose, soft materials and sometimes occasionally underground.
  • Carpenter Bee: This bee is oval-shaped and can burrow into surfaces, which leaves tiny holes in the process. They are a solitary type of bee, but individual nests can quickly multiply and eventually destroy some surrounding wood.
  • Honey Bee: These bees render beneficial services to mankind by collecting honey for human consumption and they are not aggressive. However, their nests are heavy and produce thousands of workers. Relocation is the preferred treatment method.

Types of Wasps

  • Wasp: They frequently colonize attics and cars. They are long and thin and have a painful sting.
  • Hornet: This an aggressive species that has the ability to build external paper nests. These nests are shaped like an inverted teardrop. 
  • Yellow Jacket: They are black and yellow-striped. They build similar nests compared to hornets, but can also build their nests in walls. They have the ability to chew through drywall or surface wood. 
  • Ground Bee: This is a smaller species of yellow jackets and they build their nests between 2 to 24 inches underground. They are very aggressive and become agitated quite quickly.

Expert Bee Removal Services

Bees come in all shapes and sizes. Our technicians will carefully analyze your bee problem and identify the type of bee to ensure effective bee removal. Most bee nests should not be disturbed without consulting a professional. Bees will protect their nesting place at all costs and will sting if threatened.

Do not delay if you have noticed a bee nest or beehive. If a bee's nest is left alone for a few months it can triple in size. If you discover a swarm or colony of bees, avoid the area and keep children and pets away. Exercise caution in the vicinity of a nest; loud sounds and vibrations like a lawnmower engine can cause bees to panic. Our service area extends to people throughout Long Island (Suffolk County and Nassau County) and areas of Queens, including Flushing, Whitestone and College Point.  

For more information about our bee removal services, please contact us today. We can provide you with a free estimate for our services. 

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