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Get helpful prison tips from someone who spent time behind bars. Author Leonard Bilski puts pen to paper in his hilarious novella 30 Minutes After Being Busted: Trying To Handle Your Arrest. You can purchase the book on our website through Amazon. Or you can speak to the man himself by dialing 631-862-2560. Lenny would love to offer his advice to anyone who will listen. He has made some mistakes, but these prison tips can be useful for anyone who has been in trouble with the law. So if this seems like your cup of tea, then pick up the phone and call today!

Prison TipsAbout Lenny Bilski

This book is a first-hand account by author Leonard Bilski detailing his arrest and subsequent time in prison. Fortunately, Lenny has a wonderful sense of humor, so instead of a dark, morose tale you will get one that is genuinely funny. And besides the laughs, it is also uplifting and serious. He imbues his personality and sensibilities into this book and brightens up what is normally a tough situation. So if you would like to know some proper ways of handling an arrest, then this is the book for you!

Lenny takes you through his life and chronicles his upbringing to set the stage for his life on the edge. He lived on the wild side and tempted fate one time too many before the law caught up with him. His time in prison did a lot to shape his life. It gave him a greater appreciation for the nuances of day-to-day work. Pick up his book today to find out more about his crazy life!

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This book can be bought through Amazon. It can be purchased for your kindle for a reasonable $3.99.

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And for those people who are more tactile and enjoy holding a book as you read it, you can purchase the paperback edition for a few bucks more. If you would like to learn more about the man behind the tales, you can call 631-862-2560. Author Leonard Bilski is always willing to share his wisdom and any prison tips. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and order this helpful book today!