Commercial Pigeon Control & Removal

Professional Long Island Animal Control

Get professional pigeon control and removal when you turn to EEC. Pigeons are typically urban birds. So you will see them in the New York City area. But that does not mean they don't cause issues on Long Island, too. Pigeons roost on, in, or around buildings. And often big, airy buildings like warehouses and depots. Places that have high aspects. You will often see them on ledges, beams, store signs, under awnings, etc.

And not only are they a nuisance due to their presence. There are also dangers that come along with pigeons being in the area, since they carry different parasites and diseases. And they also leave their poop everywhere, which is not safe.

Get Pigeon Control

So for safe, effective pigeon control and removal for businesses in the New York City area and on Long Island, please get in touch with Lenny today. The phone number for the office is 631-862-2560. And to reach Lenny directly, dial 516-983-7910 for his cell phone. This is a service that many property managers turn to, because pigeons can cause issues for large properties. Our property management control will effectively handle any rodent, pest or bird issue present.

Pigeon Control Methods

As professional bird control experts, Lenny and his team will effectively control and remove the pigeon problem. There are certain deterrents that work best. And all depend on each situation. A common way is to install barriers, like needle strips or bird spikes. These obstacles deter the bird from landing in a given area.

Another popular method we may utilize is netting or trapping. Which is simply trying to catch these pigeons, safely, and remove them from the premises.

Unfortunately though, relocating pigeons is near impossible. And we do not want to kill these birds. So the best way to stop the pigeon problem is to find a method to control them and prevent them from entering or infiltrating a given area.

One way of handling them in this way is to monitor their food source. Seeds and fruit make up their diet, so if this is an item that is readily available, perhaps safeguard it to deter them from entering the area for it. Also, pigeons search for food by looking for it on the ground. So if there are seeds sprinkled around, they are simply coming to feast. Keeping the area clean and tidy prevents any buildup of seeds, and thus will stop pigeons from coming since they will quickly realize they cannot feed there.