Bat Removal - Nassau & Suffolk County

Emergency Environmental Control is proud to offer a wide variety of emergency pest control services for clients across Nassau and Suffolk County, including bat removal. Our years of pest control experience allow us to perform the most thorough and efficient removal work. Bats are pests because they are known to quickly and seamlessly take residence in you home's attic, chimney or any other room. This common issue for homeowners can be easily solved through our expedient and detailed work.

Bat Issues

Bats are nocturnal creatures allowing them to easily stay out of sight. Since you are typically awake or often not home during the day, bats can be practically invisible until you return home or go to sleep. They can leave droppings around your house, make noise and can bite you if provoked. Some bats even carry serious diseases including histoplasmosis, a fungal lung infection. left unchecked, bats can do serious damage to your home and health.

Bats can also cause issues by accidentally entering your home. They may be living in your attic unsuspectingly, but become a more immediate problem if they find a way into the home. And if they find a way in, more times than not they are trapped without finding a way out. They also may cause issues by swarming around a home or building.

Bat Removal Services

EEC will fully inspect your home, including your attic for any signs of bat infestation. We will also clean up all droppings, hairs or any other messes caused by these pests. Our bat removal experts will work with you throughout our extermination to ensure your living situation will not be disturbed while servicing your home.

As colder weather approaches, rats and other wildlife will be seeking shelter from the harsher elements. Bats prefer to hibernate in dark, warmer areas leaving your home at risk of an infestation. Signs of an infestation include droppings and hairs, screeching and flapping noises. If you have questions about our bat removal or other services, please contact us today for more information. The number to call for a free estimate regarding bat removal is 631-862-2560. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have about our services, which extends to people across both Suffolk and Nassau County.