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Bat Exclusion For Long Island Homes

The team at EEC has years of experience handling bats and knows exactly how bat exclusion works. We can remove the bats from your property quickly, along with any droppings. Because we know that cleaning up bat poop is not as easy as it sounds. And our bat exclusion methods will make sure that any and all bats do not return to the premises.

For more information about our bat removal and animal control services, please reach out to us today. We will happily answer any questions you might have about your current bat infestation in your home or commercial establishment. The number for our office is 631-862-2560. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation and estimate for our work. Our bat exclusion services are available to home and business owners throughout Suffolk and Nassau County on Long Island, New York. There are certain tactics we use as professionals to handle this tricky situation.

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What is Bat Exclusion?

If you have bats, the only way to get rid of them is to evict them entirely from your home. This bat eviction process is typically called exclusion. Sure, you can actually do it, but Lenny Bilski has the proper experience to professionally fix your bat situation.

The main starting point of bat exclusion involves covering the openings the bats use to enter with netting or tubes. This allows for the bats to still drop down and fly out, but are unable to crawl back in again.

However, before this process begins, all Long Island homeowners must accept that bat exclusion is a big job. Moreso if the house is a little more rundown, because there are many cracks in which the bats can enter into the home. Fortunately, if your house is structurally sound, then a bat has fewer entry points, which makes the process much easier. When starting out, Lenny will inspect your home to see how much work he is in for and can give you an estimate right on the spot.

What is the Best Time of Year to Exclude Bats?

The best time of year for bat exclusion is in late summer or early spring. Once mid-May rolls around, female bats begin giving birth to pups that cannot fly for several weeks. So that makes the bat exclusion process very difficult.

Also, if you start the process too early in the summertime, you may be left with orphaned baby bats in your home. These bats cannot survive without their mother, so that is an inhumane way of dealing with the issue.

In many parts of the country, house bats migrate in the fall. This is so they can hibernate in mines and deep caves during the cold winter months. So, if your bats leave for the winter and you know how they come in, then late fall is an excellent time to seal up all exterior entry points. It is also imperative to clean up the droppings. Learn more about bat poop clean up and why it is important.

However, not all bats migrate. Sometimes, they will actually hibernate in the house itself, which means evicting them is not possible since they are still present and would need to fly out. Fortunately, these bats primarily live in the Southeast. So most bat exclusion methods on Long Island, New York are effective for hibernating bats.

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