Funny Animal Stories

30 Minutes of Laughter and a Few Minutes of Fear

If you are looking for crazy and funny animal stories detailing the many interactions of working in the animal control field, then 30 Minutes of Laughter is the perfect book for you! Lenny Bilski is the owner of Emergency Environmental Control, a pest and animal control company located on Long Island. This book is a compilation of some of his funniest, creepiest and sentimental moments on the job. From bat removal to rat removal, to stories about creepy-crawlies that will make you cringe, 30 Minutes of Laughter will make you laugh. So pick up the phone and call Lenny today! You can reach him by dialing 631-862-2560.

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Lenny has years of experience in the animal control field and can tell some really funny animal stories. Luckily for you, he wrote down a bunch to share with the world. You can purchase this book in a few ways:

Choose any of the above options as a way to purchase the book. Lenny wants to give you choices, because he wants to give you the chance to hear these funny animal stories. Like, even literally hear, because he has audio versions of his funny animal stories. He has lived quite the life and can tell quite the story! Find out more about his crazy stories and buy his book.

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For more information about this book, please contact Lenny today. You can call 631-862-2560 to get in touch with him. When you call, you can speak to the man himself and hear all about his animal control stories! This is a perfect book for anyone looking to get a few laughs about the world of pest and animal control. And if you are in the field yourself, then it can provide some useful animal control tips and help you with your day-to-day operations. So what are you waiting for? Call today and quench that desire to read some funny animal stories!

Funny Animal Stories