Woodpecker Control & Removal

Offering the Control & Removal of Woodpeckers Across Long Island

When you turn to Emergency Environmental Control of Long Island, we can effectively stop woodpeckers from continuing to damage your property. Our woodpecker control and removal is available for home and business owners throughout Long Island, New York. Our woodpecker control and removal is ideal for both commercial and residential woodpecker problems.

Surprisingly, woodpeckers can be a major problem for property owners across Long Island. Once they settle onto a property or structure, they can damage it severely and leave large holes that cause even further damage. That is due to the fact that these holes then allow insects and moisture to penetrate the surface of the tree.

Our woodpecker control and removal is a safe and easy process. We will delicately handle the issue and see that no woodpecker is harmed during the removal off your property. So if you have a woodpecker issue that requires the handling and removal from a professional, be sure to get in touch with Emergency Environmental Control today.

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Why Woodpecker Control?

There are about 200 different species of woodpeckers alive. And all of them are protected by both federal and state laws. Regardless of the species, all woodpeckers posses a chisel-like beak that is kept sharp by pecking. And most can tap an estimated 8,000 - 12,000 times per day! So you can see how that can become a problem in certain circumstances.

Many property owners on Long Island have come to regard woodpeckers as a costly nuisance. These birds can drill into all sorts of surfaces, not just trees. It is not uncommon that woodpeckers drill into wood siding, eaves, window frames, and trim boards. Turning these beautiful and vital surfaces into Swiss cheese.

Woodpeckers love peppering holes into most woods, but they really love cedar and redwood siding. And are also drawn to rustic-looking and channeled plywood. Pine, fir and cypress boards are also susceptible to damage from a woodpecker. Heck, woodpeckers can even peck at metal gutters, downspouts, chimney caps, TV antennas, and rooftop vents. All to attract mates. So you can see how the damage done by a woodpecker can be widespread. Which is why professional woodpecker control and removal is necessary in some instances.

How To Get Rid of Woodpeckers

As professionals in the field of animal removal, we know the tricks of the trade when it comes to the effective and safe removal of many different animals, insects and birds from properties across Long Island. When it comes to woodpeckers, there are a few humane options for deterring woodpeckers from attacking your property. We will use these methods in an effort to get the birds off your property without having to touch them. Here are some steps we will take to get rid of the woodpeckers:

Block Woodpeckers from Siding

Block woodpeckers from getting to the siding with some sort of bird netting that will create a physical barrier after a temporary installation. Once the woodpeckers realize they can no longer get to the siding, they will likely go somewhere they can.

Use Repellent

There are certain repellents we can use that will discourage these birds from coming back to certain spots with the hopes that they simply move on to somewhere else away from your property.

Remove Dead or Dying Tree

Dead and dying trees on your property make for excellent woodpecker nests and ultimately give them a starting point for attacking your home. Removing these trees is a great way to eliminate the problem.

Woodpecker Nesting Box

If woodpeckers are attempting to create a nest in your siding, we can add a woodpecker nesting box. This box gives them an alternative to drilling a hole in your property.

Removal of Food Sources

Removing food sources is a very effective way to remove woodpeckers from any property. We will make sure your property is free of insects, which reduces the chances that woodpeckers will choose your property as a food source. So if you suspect that insects are buried in your siding, then please call us for our effective pest control service. For woodpeckers, this mostly comprises of ants and termites, which are two aspects that we can handle for you.

Scare Tactics

Like any bird, woodpeckers are alert to any perceived threat. So using scare tactics can be a highly effective method to remove the woodpeckers from your property. There are certain ways we can deploy objects that will deter these woodpeckers from coming onto your property that make it seem like a predator is nearby. Which will raise the alarm of the incoming birds and they will seek shelter elsewhere. There are also sound deterrents, such as predator calls and woodpecker distress call that will make them want to flee the area.