Long Island Possum Control

Emergency Environmental Control has years of experience dealing with animal control and removal on Long Island, including handling possums. For the most part, possums are okay to have in your yard. But they can cause a disturbance overnight. If you think you have a possum infestation, please reach out to us today.

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The number for our office is 631-862-2560. When you call, we can provide you with further details regarding our possum control services on Long Island.

- How to Get Rid of Possums Fast

How To Identify Possum Infestations

There are a few common signs to watch out for if you think there are possums in your house or yard. Here are some useful possum removal suggestions and indications that you should seek professional assistance. At Emergency Environemtal Control, we will be there for you to help rid you of this or any other infestation.

Possum Feeding Evidence

A possum is an opportunistic animal, so the foods they consume may differ from those you might find out in the wild instead of your backyard. In general, a possum will stick to plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruit. However, when they get near your home they might try to get to pet food or other household items.

In order to look for evidence of a possum feeding, look for altered trash cans or gardens. At night, look in the dog and cat food bowls if you keep some outside. And lastly, look around for any large bowls of water for signs of a disturbance.

Possum Tracks

A possum has their own set of tracks and footprints when you look at them closely. They have human-like front paws and long back feet, which is how you would identify them. If they walk over soft sand or sat down at any point, you might be able to see their tails. Once you find these footprints, you can follow the path to see where it leads. Oftentimes possums follow a nightly routine and establish a pattern.

Looking at the tracks, you will be able to notice where they are coming from and if they make any stops along the way. By analyzing this pattern, we can figure out a way to control the possum and keep them from infesting your yard.


If you find possum droppings, it is likely there is a possum around. You can spot possum droppings by their color and shape. Find them in hues such as dark brown and green and shaped like small ovals. But these droppings are typically pretty small and the ovals are roughly centimeter long.

Scary Sounds

If there is a possum infestation, then it is likely that you have heard the call of a possum. They make a mixture of noises, such as growls, chitters, and hums. If you hear these noises out of the blue, it can be unsettling. Hearing these sounds are more like a predator than a small possum, which is why hearing it can cause a stir. And identifying it can be easier than you think.

Property Damage

For many possum infestations, you will notice property damage. Possums can climb through parts of your home and bite and scratch places that you might be able to notice. If there is a possum in the attic, then you will notice damage near their nesting areas, as well as their sleeping spaces. Other places you might find visible damage are small areas that people cannot fully access and areas near food and pet food.

Lawn Damage

Oftentimes with a possum infestation, you will see damage to the exterior of your home, too. We recommend inspecting your lawn for evidence of damaged or uprooted grass, bushes and trees. You can check inside any sheds or similar structures you may have for any damaged or missing items. And if you have a garden, it is a good idea to check there too for any evidence that something has been digging through the soil and eating plants.


The final, and most dangerous sign, of possum infestation is attacking pets and livestock. If you have chickens, sheep, cows or any other type of livestock, possums have been known to attack them. Same goes for pets. Especially if you have pets outside. You might notice animals with wounds that require treatment, which means they have been in a tussle.