Ant Inspection & Prevention

At Emergency Environmental Control, we provide professional ant inspection and prevention services for home and business owners across Long Island, New York. Identifying the ant is one thing, but you will need a proper inspection to help determine the most heavily impacted areas of infestation, as well as the nest location. Before applying any sort of treatment, you have to know where these ants are coming from. Otherwise, the infestation will never be fully resolved.

Where To Inspect

We know where to inspect when it comes to finding ants and we will put our skills to the test when you call upon our services. When the infestation is indoors, we will focus our searches in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and attics. The kitchen is where we most commonly find ants. We will look under the sinks and stoves, around the pantry area and food supplies, near windows and doors, and close to appliances that may generate moisture, like your dishwasher. When it comes to the bathroom, we will look at the sink where the plumbing penetrates the walls, behind and under the toilets, and around the shower or bathtub. These are the most likely places to find an ant infestation.

When indoors, you are looking for any areas prone to ant activity close to food supplies or moisture, like the kitchen or bathroom. We may even find ants themselves and their foraging trails, which can lead you to the entry point they are emerging from.

For the outdoors, ants can be in a lot of places, but we usually narrow it down to these locations:

  • flower beds
  • rotten logs
  • yard debris
  • pavement
  • leaf litter
  • under rocks
  • exposed soil
  • near and around trees

We will be looking for any possible points of entry into the home, like cracks and crevices, especially is there is vegetation that touches the foundation of the structure. We will also be looking at the ants themselves, their foraging trails, and ant mounds. All of these aspects can lead to an area where we may want to concentrate our efforts.

Ant Prevention

When the ant infestation comes under control, we can move onto ant prevention. It is important to take the necessary steps to prevent the ants from coming back. Here are some preventative measures you can follow to put into place and keep the ants from reestablishing the foothold in the area.

  • With any indoor infestations, be sure to clean and sanitize cupboards inside and out. When done cooking, be sure to sweep or vacuum all of the food that may have spilled. Food scavenging is one of the main reasons ants enter any home, so if you effectively remove the food you remove their motivation for entering.
  • Maintain a cleaning schedule that keeps food crumbs and food supplies away from ants, such as picking up pet food every night, cleaning the dishes, and maintaining food supplies locked tight in plastic containers.
  • Be sure to seal and caulk cracks and crevices and any entry points found outside of the home and inside.
  • Trim back vegetation close to the home or building to remove any chance the ants can enter your home that way.

Having Issues With an Ant Infestation?

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