Emergency Squirrel Removal

Emergency Environmental Control provides dependable wildlife removal for clients across Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island New York, as well as Whitestone, Rockville Centre, and Forest Hills among other greater New York City areas. We have years of experience in the field and offer emergency squirrel removal that is dependable and effective. And we not only remove these pesky squirrels from problem areas, but we also aim to prevent them from returning. There are tried and true methods that we call developed to help you with any sort of squirrel issues you may have at the moment. So please, give us a call for more information. The number to reach Lenny is 631-862-2560.

Squirrel Removal and Prevention 

Squirrels have easily adapted to humans. They frequently use buildings as nesting areas. They often find a small opening and will chew a wider hole to gain access to the building. They bring nesting material into the home or building and make quite a bit of disturbance scurrying around in your attic or soffit, since they are most active at dawn. Once squirrels are in your home, they can do all the same damage a rat can do. They frequently carry fleas, mites and other parasites.

To reduce the likelihood of squirrels in your home, cut back tree limbs and branches so they are at least 6 feet from the roof line. If you have a home bird-feeder that is attracting squirrels, try to purchase "squirrel-proof" feeders. Cover exposed holes in your home with metal flashing or 1/4" to 1/2" mesh—but be careful not to seal up a squirrel inside!

Squirrel Facts

Squirrel eating a nutKnowing some key facts can help many with squirrel removal in general. Learn more about these little critters below:

  • Squirrels breed once or twice a year and give birth to various numbers of young. Depending on the species, the births occur from three to six weeks.

  • When birthed, a baby squirrel is toothless and blind and typically only the mother looks after the young.

  • Squirrels become sexually mature by the end of their first year.

  • Ground and tree squirrels live in different habitats, which leads to different breeding and social patterns. Ground-dwelling squirrels are more social, living in well-developed colonies, whereas tree-dwelling squirrels tend to be more solitary. 

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in the Attic

With squirrel removal, it is crucial to know how they are getting in and out of your house. They may nest inside your home, but exit to retrieve food and water. Once you locate the entry hole or holes, you can choose a method of control. You can mount a trap and prevent any sort of movement or install a one-way exclusion door to prevent them from re-entering the home. If there are multiple holes, make sure they are dealt with properly.

If you are unable to locate the holes or those methods failed, there are other options you can try. You can attempt to set a few small traps on the roof and/or bolted to the fascia boards. However, this should not be the only option, as it is not as successful as the other methods. Accompany it with other methods for the best results. Another downside of this method is you may catch other animals that are not squirrels. 

Once you have successfully gotten rid of all the squirrels, board up and seal any holes. Be sure to clean up their nesting area as well. This includes feces and nesting materials from outside. Also, check for possible electrical wiring damage. And lastly, check for squirrel litters. Oftentimes squirrels will nest in an area like an attic for the sole reason to give birth.

Nassau & Suffolk Squirrel Removal

Emergency Environmental Control has been removing and controlling squirrels for years. We have become trusted throughout the Long Island area and provide our services throughout Suffolk and Nassau County, as well as Whitestone, Rockville Center and Forest Hills. Squirrels are a type of rodent. Learn more about our rodent control services available.

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